About and Affiliations

Hi, my name is Cathy. I’m so glad you’ve visited my blog.  It’s brand new so please have patience with me, but hopefully before long, it will be filled with all kinds of things. It’ll have mainly crafty and creative stuff, but also other things that I might love so much that I’m sure you’ll love it too.  I’m a brand new Cricut Explorer owner, and a brand new Independent Representative with Close to my Heart.  I’m also a not so new craft hoarder, artsy project planner, yarn stasher, picture saver, junk upcycler and an avid learner/explorer. Last but far from least, I’m a Mom and Grandma, a Daughter and a Sister and Aunt so no doubt bits and pieces of these rolls will show now and then in my blog too.  I spend most of my time at home, hiding from “most” of the world, while dealing with various health type issues and thinking tomorrow I’ll do some of these things I know I can do…if I could just {fill in the blank with various procrastinating and/or anxiety related statements}. Now it is time to get the crafty and the explory on.

I hope you’ll add me to your feed readers and follow along and learn with me.


PS I do make a little money when you shop with me, so I do hope you will choose to if you choose to buy from either Cricut or Close to my Heart, Blitsy, Therm-o-web, and Zulily too.  For Cricut just follow my links to Cricut.  For Close To My Heart please go to my Online Business Address – http://cathy.ctmh.com/Default.aspx.  The same applies to the other brands and shops I love too mentioned here.

I love to shop on Amazon, and occasionally will share links for products there too, and I appreciate your clicks.

Any buttons or text links on my blog will take you there.  Thank you for your support.


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