No Foolin, April is here and you can have Christmas in April!!!

It’s April Fools Day, which for me means at some point during the day I’ll probably kid around with my daughter and out of my mouth will pop something totally ridiculous, but I’ll try so hard to be serious, she’ll begin to believe me and about that time I’ll start cracking up, we’ll have a good laugh and remember a few other silly times in our past.

Now that I am restarting my crafty life, this April Fools Day also means to me my 2nd month with CTMH, my 2nd month with my new Cricut, and about my 3rd day with this new blog!

For CTMH, it means a brand new Seasonal Expressions 2 Catalog is available, and with that, new papers and stamps and kits and things!!!! Even a new Stamp of the Month, that you can get for ONLY $5 with any purchase of $50, or, you can get the stamp for $17.95 if you prefer.  It will not be available again, so act quickly and do not miss this chance to get a stamp set that is a limited edition.  April also means that a new special is taking place, and it is one that is just so amazing and exciting, it’ll be like Christmas in April…as many days as you wish it to be!! Yup, thats right, every single day in April, you have the opportunity to purchase a surprise grab bag for various prices from $35 to $150, each package containing up to double the amount you’ll pay, and all you need to do is purchase any single item that day to qualify.  Each bag is only available for 24 hours, and each price point is unknown til that day, and only available that day til supplies run out.  This Deal of the Day for April is just too exciting to miss, so you’ll want to shop early each day to check the prices and make your decisions to buy or not. You can buy just one day, or buy them all!!! You can have as many Christmases in April as you want! Imagine all that exciting unpacking

We cannot forget about our beloved Cricut, for April, we have a brand new Mystery Package being offered, and it’s only $29!!! Total value is $100, and it’s a surprise too what’s in it!!! That means a Cricut Christmas in April too!!!! I’ve got mine ordered and can’t wait to see what it is!! April for my Cricut also means it’ll be put to use making some Mickey deco for my Grandtwin’s 2nd Bday, some last minute easter stuff, and hopefully this week yet, an attempt to make some Mickey shirt appliques.  I’ll be sure to make notes, and take some pics of it all, so that I can share with you, and maybe even have some new tips (probably of what NOT to do) that I’ll learn as I go.

Day 3 of my blog means, I’ll be getting up after some much needed sleep and reading over this post and editing it for the things I missed writing it at this hour, but I am just sooo excited to share these incredible deals and opportunities with the world I just can’t sleep til I do! It also means I want to double my readers from the day of my last post, so I’ll be busy later with that, too. Oh what the hey, it’s day 3, I’ll triple my readers!  And on that note, I’ll do a quicky publish and go sleep. I hope you are getting some sleep too so you’ll be ready to plan your very own Christmas in April too.