It’s Never Too Late……at least, til March ends.


March, my very first month in Close To My Heart (CTMH) is coming to an end in just another day.  One reason I joined when I did was the absolutely awesome timing of my learning about this opportunity, and if you have ever pondered joining a company like CTMH (as I did off and on for years with various other companies), you can still sign up under this great March special.  For the month of March 2015 only, if you sign up with CTMH, you’ll get a bonus tote bag, and I must say, it is a very nice tote.  I’m using mine already, its of great quality, has trendy spring blue chevron pattern, and even a cute little heart charm.  It only costs $99 to get started, and you can choose either a scrapbooking kit, or a cardmaking kit (see pics at end of post), tho of course, both kits work both ways. Some of the papers and other things vary in each kit, so take a look thru the list of things and choose which feels right for you.

As an added bonus, if you submit $300 in orders in your first 40 days, you’ll be sent a Rolling Tote (it should be called a suitcase, seriously) that matches the tote bag and retails for $149.  It will hold just about anything you’ll need to tote along your crafty supplies to various crops, visits and travels.

And if all that isn’t enough, if you sell $1200 in the first 3 months with CTMH, you’ll get your initial joining fee of $99 returned to you (minus tax, shipping and such, I’m not sure how much but I’m sure its not much)  Basically, you can start your own lil business for free! Don’t want a business but want to build your hoard and stash up?  CTMH works great for that too!  CTMH offers you the freedom to do with your business as you please, within a very few basic guidelines like…minimum order of $300 every quarter. You get your own online site to sell from, and of course you can sell in person too.  There is tons of info on their site for learning and encouragement, not to mention the Facebook groups, the YouTube videos and blogs everywhere, and of course, your upline (me).  You could learn along with me!

Anyhoo, I know time is short, so I’ll cut this short and if you are interested, contact me and I’ll be happy to answer your questions, or find the answers as I am new too, and together we’ll get there!  I promise, even if you have never touched a stamp that doesn’t stick on an envelope before, we’ll get you stamping like a pro and developing your new business or hobby outlet as we go.

Remember, you can join anytime, but this March deal is so awesome, I don’t want to miss offering it. The bags are awesome, as is the quality of the CTMH product. Click the shopping Icon to the right, or go to and have a look around.

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